Our consultation with children and young people is about ensuring young people are valued and that their contribution is respected, considered and acted upon. These consultations provide children and young people an opportunity to influence the decisions that affect their lives. Young people are encouraged to exchange their views on a range of topics of interest to them.


Some of the great things we see and hear during our consultations make for a good story. We share these stories so we can all enjoy and learn from these great experiences.

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Consultations tell us so many things, what we did, how did it, who we saw.  So here are some snapshots of some of our consultations.

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Children and young people have so many suggestions, recommendations and pieces of advice. We have heard so much during our consultations that we want to share some of it with others.

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The numbers, the raw stuff, the bits and pieces, no less important than everything else so here they are.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Listening Tour the story so far…

children and young people we have met with

consultation sessions have been facilitated

highest face-to-face consultation session with children and young people

sessions were with small groups

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